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As more and more people are embracing their naturally wavy, curly and tightly coiled hair, there is a growing need for high quality hair care products that have been carefully crafted with the unique structure of these textures in mind. Products formulated for naturally textured hair should be gentle, softening, nourishing, protective, hydrating and encourage one’s hair to be in its healthiest condition, look, and feel. Shampoos should enable one’s natural moisture to remain intact while conditioners should add extra moisture. Styling products should hold up against humidity, eliminate frizz, enhance and prolong curl form, and all products should provide protection against the wind, cold, and heat.


At Tendrils and Curls™, we are committed to providing a one stop shopping experience, both in our brick and mortar boutique in Houston, TX and our eBoutique. Our goal is to ensure that those with naturally textured hair have access to high quality products and accoutrements which highlight and nourish the texture and splendor of their naturally wavy, curly and tightly coiled hair from the inside out. We provide consumers with opportunities to compare and contrast brands in order to make educated decisions about what products will work best for the health, maintenance and styling of their unique hair textures and at addressing their specific concerns. Are you interested in length retention, moisture and hydration, growth, curl definition, prolonging the length of time between re-twisting or braiding, elongating your Tendrils and Curls™, or perhaps warding off breakage and shedding, etc.?


We are the retailer of choice for the latest and largest selection of the biggest name brands to the smallest, lovingly hand-crafted products. Our selection of brands have been carefully chosen based upon the quality of ingredients and the commitment to the development of products which strengthen, nourish and moisturize to keep hair healthy and beautiful.


Now, enhance the natural you.

Tendrils and Curls™

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